My favorite time of the year

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It’s my favorite time of the year. I love all the different shades of colors on the leaves so much. I also love Halloween. I remember being a little girl and my Dad taking me all around the neighborhood to knock on the doors for candy. I remember the smell of the leaves and how much fun it was to walk through the leaves on the ground. …

So! Here is my Halloween card for all of you. I know its a bit early but I really wanted to make sure you all see it before the night comes and goes. It is a picture of me wearing a latex nurse uniform and  was photographed by Sebastian Wood from  You can see the entire photo gallery on inside the member area coming this October 31st!

Season’s Creepings!

Anna Rose

A Few Pics and News to Share with You

October 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Anna Rose in the Medical Room

Anna Rose in the Medical Room

Anna Rose in the Medical Room

Anna Rose in the Medical Room

Anna Rose in The Garden

Anna Rose in The Garden

Latex Chics Anna Rose and Amarantha

Latex Chics Anna Rose and Amarantha

Anna Rose/ in SECRET Mag No. 35

Anna Rose/ in SECRET Mag No. 35

Anna Rose wearing a Guwi latex catsuit

Anna Rose wearing a Guwi latex catsuit

Some News from Anna Rose —>

The sun is shining outside today. But I feel the Fall. The leaves are turning and dropping and the air is a bit foggy in the early morning. So pretty to me. I love seeing fog.

My puppy is now 17 weeks old and 16 kilo :-) He is potty trained and knows how to sit, lay down, come, speak and gimme five. I’m in love with my puppy dog. He does not sleep in our bed but has two of his own. We carry him up and down the stairs if he must go to avoid any possible hip problems down the road. He gets the best exercise a puppy could ask for… Walking in my forest or my “private park”. Of course I dont do too much with my puppy b/c he’s a puppy and needs sleep. But when he gets a little bit older I’m sure we will explore and discover so much together. It is something I look forward to.

The kitty cats are slowly coming around and pretty soon it will all be “normal” again around here. Unfortunately, one of our 3 kittys left. His name was Renus or Reni for short. He will be sorely missed. Now we have 2 kittys left. Uwe spoke to the hunter here and he told that this is the time of the year when the 1 yr old kittys will maybe leave the place. It’s the time to go. I still have 2 kittys left and I do believe they will stay., and I certainly hope so! They both come in together at night and sleep in our bed.

Today we scheduled for Latex Lady to come over and have a go in the awesome latex straitjacket that Steven left here when he visited recently. Unfortunately, she called this morning and cancelled due to a serious high fever. I hope that she feels better really soon! My thoughts and best wishes are for her speedy recovery from whatever is making her ill. The straitjacket is waiting for her! ;-)

In less than 1 week Janna Grace and Katja Lynx will arrive from The Netherlands! They are staying as our guests here for almost an entire week of total debauchery! Ho hah! Let the kinky games begin! I’m already planning my sessions … which will definitely include heavy rubber, hoods, bondage, fuck machines, breathplay, forced orgasms, and much more . We will shoot pics and video for both my sites Alterpic and KinkyPonygirl.

Btw: Since moving from NL to DE almost 1 year ago i have changed my figure by loosing 10 kilo. That’s an awful lot of weight to lose, and I did it by moving around much much more than when I lived in Holland. This is a different lifestyle where I live. A farm-house will make you lose weight. Oh yeah, and so will a puppy dog ;-)

That is all from me for now. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Anna Rose

Layers of GUWI Latex

August 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

Anna Rose in GUWI latex

This is the  brand new update which will be published tomorrow (August 6, 2010) showing 121 photos inside the Members Area of Alterpic – Enjoy !


Anna Rose


July 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Anna Rose and Janna Grace in The Courtyard

Anna Rose and Janna Grace in The Courtyard

Anna Rose on the Blow Machine in The Playroom

Anna Rose on the Blow Machine in The Playroom

Anna Rose in The Grand Hall

Anna Rose in The Grand Hall

Here are some pictures from different sessions for The last one is from the set that goes live this coming Friday on Alterpic. It looks quite innocent in this last picture but I promise you it gets trashier and trashier  (trash bags are used in this session!) ….


Anna Rose

international fetish photography competition 2010

July 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hi Everyone! I just learned about this and wanted to immediately share it … Maybe you should enter into this competition? I just might … What do you think? Should I?

“FOSK is the rubberist association of Spain and they are organising their third fetish photography contest. Professional and amateur artists are encouraged to participate by sending their creative latex-related pictures.”

“This photography contest is an annual event with gathering recognition in Spain. There’s an awards party in November, where latex and photography are celebrated..

Deadline is September, when the jury makes its decisions and the photos are showed in various websites and partner shops or clubs. Last year they handed out more than a thousand euros in prizes.”

“This year, FOSK also celebrates its fifth anniversary, and it has decided to open this contest to overseas entrants, to let everyone know about the fast-growing rubberist community in Spain.

Details in English are here

Personal News: Going to be getting a puppy dog in 6 weeks. He is a black labrador and has a great family that is living about 30 minutes away. Since me and Uwe are living on a farm and having the wonderful open space it just seems right to have a dog. I never had one before, only cats … But Uwe has experience several times with dogs and is very capable, which is really helpful for me. I have been reading books and also taking care of my step daughters dog from time to time to gain knowledge …

And some other news is that this month we have hired the very beautiful Katja Lynx to come out and model for us for a few days! I am thrilled and can’t wait to see what horny and kinky things we will do to each other :-) In September we also have the very talented and gorgeous Mistress Sandra from coming to stay with us for a few days to model. I love Sandra! She is extremely educated in BDSM and really loves wearing latex, just like me ;-) And, last but certainly not least, we will have Latex Lady coming over at the end of September to have another afternoon of naughty rubber action !!! So, very exciting times ahead… But, I’m really wondering about my friend Janna Grace? … I must figure out my schedule for October and fix a date in the books. She’s just great, isn’t she?! Miss you, Janna!!


Anna Rose

Latex Lady

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Some time ago I introduced myself on FetLife to a very nice girl named Latex Lady. We ended up meeting in my home and right away I knew there was so many things we could do together. She told me about her love for latex … and electro stimulation play. So the next time we met we decided to test out my medical room :-)

Special Thanks to Uwe Rose for the photography.

The Samurai is a PES erotic electro stim product. I fully recommend it. Latex Lady also had a wonderful time feeling it… This was her first experience with this type of electricity and she had several orgasms :-)

This hot! session was filmed and can be seen in detail inside the Alterpic Member’s Area. :-)

German Fetish Ball weekend

June 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

I have posted some pics taken by Uwe Rose of me and some other people during the German Fetish Ball weekend in Hamburg Germany …

You can see Alexander Horn from, Mistress Sandra from and Lucy from

It was a lot of fun for me during the weekend!

The inflatable latex was made by in the UK.


Anna Rose


May 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hey! Hope everyone is doing great! I have been super busy and just now have a free moment to let you all know what I have been up to recently …

BoundCon and the German Fetish Ball have come and gone. I survived! But, it was a lot of work for me leading up to these big events. My DVD’s made it just on the Friday BoundCon started! I was really worried when the people told me that I would have the DVD’s delivered on Wednesday and they didn’t show up. I called and called and left emails but no one answered. I was very happy that they finally arrived just in time for the weekend. It went really well at BoundCon selling the DVD’s. Thank You to everyone who bought them! I am already working on the next KinkyPonygirl DVD. It was hard work for me but now that I know what to do it will be a lot easier for me to make the next one.

I did a KinkyPonygirl show together with Janna Grace on the Main Stage May 7 at 19:00. The sulky that was made by StevenVR from Belgium arrived on Wednesday and I practiced a lot before the show. It went very well! The stage at BoundCon was big enough to do full oval circles! It was super fun!

Then after the weekend was over, we had Gord together with his girlfriend as our guests over at our home for 2 nights. Janna Grace, her boyfriend, and StevenVR were also at our place. It was a fun 2 days …

And, we are very proud to tell that we are now the owner of our very own Gord machine – the Blow Suck Machine. We had a very intimate play testing in one of our rooms and now Master knows exactly what buttons to push to push my buttons ;-) Very soon we plan to make a photo/video update of this incredible machine on For now, I posted the 11 pics from the 1st test on Alterpic.

Then Gord left :-( But our energy was quickly dumped into the next 3 days – We had photo shooting with Janna Grace and me for both my websites Alterpic and KinkyPonygirl. And the time flew so fast! Lots of latex, bondage, ponygirl training, fuck machine, cage, and more!

On Thursday morning the car was packed up for the GFB in Hamburg, we dropped off Janna and her boyfriend at the train station, StevenVR drove back to Belgium. It was a 9 hours drive! But, it didn’t bother me and Uwe at all. We used the time to talk about so many of things that have happened lately.

The booth we had at the German Fetish Ball was great for us also. We met with people who want to sell our DVD’s in their shop. Also, more importantly we now have very good contacts to sell P.E.S. products in Europe! :-)

Master and I were booked to give a Kinky Ponygirl show on stage on Friday night at the night club called the Catonium in Hamburg, Germany. It was such a fun ponygirl show. You can see all the pics from Alexander Horn over at my website Also, Alex has posted a nice collection over at his site – Latex News.

Well, thats a lot of information! Hope you liked reading it. Any comments are always appreciated.

Anna Rose

The New Cage

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Master told me to put on my latex cape, he bought from for me and enter our big hall. It is an incredible feeling to be in this more than 250 years old hall and to see a cage that could have been designed at this time to make you comply to anything you are asked for. And on the other hand it is something I would love to be put in by my Master and being made to comply to anything he asked me for. And you will see me sucking a big plug. Watch the high quality video and the incredible photos of me in this cage made by And don’t miss the second part that will come up soon with all the attachments my Master asked for to be attached to the cage. Click here …

The New Cage

Anna Rose and The New Cage

There is a free video trailer on my website! Go check it out>

I hope you enjoy the weekend :-)

Anna Rose

Kinky Bed Time Games in Latex + Bondage

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Wearing inflatable double dildo latex undies and being filled in both my holes makes me so hot. I play with the pumps, inflating and then deflating …. Fucking myself in my pussy and ass …. I have my instructions from Master to gag myself with an inflatable dildo gag, put on my latex bondage mittens …. Pulling back the bed sheets I uncover the latex body bag waiting for me. This is the way I have to sleep tonight …

Random Thoughts

April 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Very recently someone asked me for a link exchange. I was over the moon when I was asked to trade links (trade traffic) with their website. A few weeks later, I went to have a look and to my great surprise I saw that both my banners were missing from their website. So, I emailed and asked and I was very patient and very polite … I got no response. How weird is that? It’s not nice, it’s not professional and I really didn’t and still don’t get it.

Also, why is it some of these “models” call themselves names like Rubber this and Rubber that and when you go to their website they are wearing pvc or lycra ?! What is going on here ? There is a BIG difference between latex and lycra. It just bothers me that they think we are too dumb to notice or is it they are too dumb to tell there is a difference ?

Another kind of strange thing is I have been asked by a few if they could be hired to model for my websites. Of course, I am interested so I let them know how it all works and I tell them that I will pay top industry price for the day and then I hear the odd response that they want to model for TFP. Wtf?

I got asked recently to contribute to a UK magazine. So, I sent them the requested high resolution photo and never heard from them again. 3 months later I inquire about how the printing went and there came no response. After several attempts I just gave up. Then I got another email from the same company asking for the same picture to use on the Cover of this magazine. At that point, I am confused. I told this person the story and she told me that the person who contacted me first no longer worked there and she still would like to use the pic. So, I sent it to her (again) and guess what ? I have not heard from them …. Big surprise ! NOT.

Anna Rose

Space Trip – Good Flight

March 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

This week’s update on Alterpic will show me being fixed to a spreader seat on my bondage module while wearing my new red latex leggings and my new Demask latex corset, ballet heels, latex mask and a very special gas mask which is used in high flying jets. My pussy is stuffed with an electrical probe and wired up to an ErosTek power box. Believe me I felt like going on a space trip but perfectly stuffed and wired to make it a ride I will not forget. And to make sure I will not forget a powerful vibrator is fixed directly on my clit which made me orgasm twice! Special Thanks to Medical Toys for the ballet heels. Put your seatbelt on and click here to go on a ride with me.

Anna Rose - Latex, Bondage, Electro Stim, Gas Mask, Forced Orgasm

Anna Rose - Latex, Bondage, Electro Stim, Gas Mask, Forced Orgasm

Some personal thoughts from Anna Rose —>
I hope that you all are enjoying the lovely change in weather?! Over here in Bavaria the sun is shining (its today 20 degrees C) and it’s warm enough that we don’t have to burn anymore every wood burning oven in the house to keep warm ;-) I am so happy to see all the snow melted and the birdies are chipping …

My kittens are turning into cats :-) They are not wild anymore. Baby is the most friendliest and insists on being petted every night while sitting on my lap. All of my kitties are just so sweet. They even bring me mice and birds … I wish they wouldn’t do that to the birds but I really can’t stop them from doing that and I do know that this is a gift for me which makes me feel good.

I saw on eBay an old Bundeswehr operation lamp for sale and purchased it. It was delivered the other day and I unpacked the wrapping but didn’t inspect inside the military boxes yet. I am so very excited to place this lamp right next to my Bundeswehr operation table upstairs in the Medical Room :-)

Here are a few pics taken using my iPhone of it when it arrived the other day …

Well, thats all from me for now. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend :-)
Anna Rose

Some News from Alterpic – Updates

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29 minutes Video + 84 Photos – March 19, 2010
Gord and Lydia McLane had their fun with me and put me to the edge with electricity play. I had to insert my big PES electric dildo into my pussy and Lydia put my big electricity pads on my butt. All of them were then connected to some very powerful tens units. In the beginning it was my job to blow on a dildo in my mouth which controlled the electricity. You can easily see that when I didn’t do a good job on blowing the big prick in my mouth I got zapped. But after a while Lydia wanted to put me on fire. She unplugged the dildo from the control of the electricity and I got zapped really good. You will see that I was hit so hard that I even didn’t figure out that it didn’t matter what I did with the dildo. Lydia and Gord enjoyed it so much to put the electricity higher and higher even if I asked for mercy. They know me so well and what I can endure. Watch this video and get turned on seeing what you could do to me.

Blow Job Training with Electricity

Anna Rose - Blow Job Training with Electricity


221 Photos – March 12, 2010
It was so humiliating to be caught in the men’s bathroom, placed in bondage and used. You’ll see my legs are spread wide apart using a T-spreader bar with a long black rubber dildo attached and inserted deep into my pussy. I’m ball gagged and put to work to clean the men’s urinal’s. Everytime I bed over to clean with the toilet brush gag I fuck myself. It makes me incredibly horny and yet it is so horrible to smell the urine and filth. After I clean the room I’m told to place myself next to the pissoir to be gagged again – now mouth wide open for using. Check out, how I am made to suck cock in full detail!

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose


17 minutes Video + 61 Photos – March 5, 2010
I love it when Master plays with me and I love it even more when Master puts a gasmask on my face, fixes me in tight latex and makes me come like you wouldn’t believe. I enjoy it totally being under his control and not being able to stop the powerful vibration on my clit that drives me crazy. The gasmask is a total aphrodisiac. The more I get turned on the harder it gets for me to breathe which slows me down and drives me crazy because all I want to do is to come and when I finally get over it I am coming so hard like you wouldn’t believe. Watch me having two strong orgasms and imagine how tight my pussy gets from the strong contractions of the orgasm and how good it would feel to be squeezed by her.

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

March 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

What? It is March already?! Wowow! Time is flying! I have been “nesting” in my new home and having new adventures every day. Some fun and others not fine at all. But, that’s life! I am a tough chic, and you all know that! Just look at what the House of Gord did to me in the update from early February on my website Hanging by my ankles! upside down from Gord’s truck and travelling up to speeds of ? I don’t exactly know but it felt to me fast enough ;-) Oh, I forgot almost to mention the electricity probe buried deep into my pussy and the electro stim pads on my ankles and ass. Wild stuff!

Anna Rose and Gord

Anna Rose and The House of Gord

Click here for the free MOV Video Trailer.

And I also posted one week later an incredible jail cell fantasy photo gallery on my site. It shows me in a latex red catsuit that was custom made for me and a latex HW Design mask. Handcuffed to the large jail cell to await my orders .. Here’s a picture taken just before I was handcuffed. If you want to see all the details you can click here.

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

The next set published was photos and video of me wearing a rather sexy latex outfit and thigh high ballet boots, sitting on my fuckmachine having some naughty fun. I had too much fun! :-) You can watch how my Master put me into a straitjacket and hooded me with a brand new pig hood. It had one tiny hole to allow me to breath and when I did inhale and exhale it moved the snout in and out – it really looks like a little piggy… and thats what Master said I was that day.

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

And today I updated the site with a very HOT gas mask session. I was wearing my transparent latex straitjacket and forced to orgasm by the thick bondage belt around my waist which held firmly in place against my pussy a very powerful vibrator called the Hitachi Magic Wand. Ahem… Ladies, if you don’t have one of these and you want to have some intense orgasms like never before? Go out and buy yourself one. Your welcome.

GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

So, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and has a super weekend!


Anna Rose

My Vibe is the “We Vibe”

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My Master recently came back from a business trip in Northern Germany and brought with him the We Vibe. :-) Just in case you do not know what it is …. We Vibe is a small sized vibrator (with a big vibe) that inserts into a woman’s pussy and she can wear it during intercourse. It really is such a great insertable, and I can testify! We have used it several times already during sex and I simply do love it. What a great addition …. This vibrator is directly located on my clit…. So, it was intense joy for me when Master is fucking me to also feel another stimulation on my sensitive clit….

Just to let you in on the know, the most recent update (published today) is 83 pics and the entire 20 minute erotic latex fetish video (# 142) of me slipping the We Vibe up inside my pussy. But, wait! There’s more ;-) It starts out with me just naked and then slicking my body up with Body Glide from BlackBody in Amsterdam. That stuff is absolutely perfect for people who wonder what to use when about to slip into their latex outfit. So, I rubbed my arms, belly and legs all over … I was one slippery sexy girl! Afterwards I easily slid right into my new black latex catsuit. Lacing my long legs into the latex catsuit was very exciting for me … Preparing myself for Master’s eyes. I knew he would just be so pleased to see me… And then I slipped into a latex body overtop my latex catsuit. I loved the way it felt against my body. Layers of latex, red latex gloves, latex HW Design mask Ah! I LOVE latex!!! You know it, baby!

Here’s a few VERY HOT pictures from inside the Member’s Area to help you understand my writing today.

Anna Rose is Lacing her Latex Catsuit

Anna Rose is Lacing her Latex Catsuit

Anna Rose in Layers of Latex

Anna Rose in Layers of Latex

and if you want to see the x-rated pics then you can visit my website – Alterpic – and have a good detailed inspection of it all. I have an exclusive and extensive free area showing all the naughty things I’ve been up to lately. I hope you have some serious fun looking ;-)

Some other news from me -> and now to just go ahead and vent – which is something i should have done a long time ago but ….

Recently I was experiencing some enormous stress for a few months!  From what? You might ask? From the very big move from Holland to Bavaria. I lived there 13 years, together with Uwe for 9. After the exhausting move was completed, I was contacted by some different old “friends” who were a bit, if you ask me, not at all pretending to be interested in how I was doing -they did not ask :-( – but they were only concerned about what they could get from me… It was like they had this bad bad attitude -> How could they use me to their advantage … It just made me want to scream. And so believe me, I did ! and several times … So, Im begging ~ if anyone is reading this blog ~ Please don’t write to me and  tell me how busy you are and then quickly ask me for a free pass into my site. Please don’t include in your short meaningless email message to tell me you have NOT looked at my site and then say you want to look inside at all the material for FREE … ? LOL.  If you are my friend, maybe you could please be careful of my feelings and think of a nicer way to ask me for it – especially if we have not talked in years! And also, please don’t ask me to give you a free pass into my site if you want to post my pics on your  free site so you can make some good $$ off of me but at the same time tell me that I am not “doing it right”. You can just go and FUCK OFF. :-) Yes, capital letters. I really do not want to be told I’m doing something ‘wrong’ and then you want me to hurry up and give you a free pass so you can post all my material out there so you can make a quick buck off of me. Im not your door mat! Do you really think that is a nice way to behave to a “friend”? NO. I do not want to have your negative energy around me – please leave  me alone and GET LOST.

And now on a much lighter note! -> We had all four of our young male kitty cats taken in one morning, very early, to the vet. It was not stress free but just so very important to make sure they aren’t out there making unwanted baby cats. If you follow me on Twitter you can see that picture of me in the waiting room with all 4 in their own little carriers :-)

We also went to a Notary close by to where we now live and !!!!! Master and I have officially our own German companies. GmbH !!! Who hah! I’m also working on those much anticipated DVD’s and also have some other ideas that need  a lot of time but I’m telling you – it WILL happen :-)

Some other cool news … The second meeting with the artist for the kitchen oven went very well. We talked a lot about color, design and the artwork that we want to have on the front of the oven. It is so exciting for me and they tell me that the tiles are being made as we speak! What a truly wonderful experience to have an wood burning ceramic tiled oven hand crafted to my wishes. How amazing! When I have  some pics I will be sure to publish them on Twitter or here for you all to see what I’m talking about.

So, thats all from me for me now! Enjoy your weekend :-)

Anna Rose

Multiple Forced Orgasms …

January 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Holy Cow! it’s been a long time since I have written in my blog! Wooh! Time is slipping away from me.

It’s been really crazy around our new place lately. We had a “new” wood burning oven installed in the downstairs office which took longer than planned. Hah! That is really what I kind of expected secretly when the artist told us it would only take 2 days – I thought, Sure, Yeah, whatever. … It took 5. But, it messed up our hallway and all the things I had so loving placed on the shelves because we had to gently rip open the chimney. Black soot everywhere is not nice and takes a long time to clean up. I did not expect that.

And our young kitty cats that we inherited with the new place are getting more and more less wild in the last weeks. All 4 are adjusting in their own ways and  in sweet time. We have made plans to take them all at once over to the vet to get neutered on this coming Monday. Wish us lots of luck in catching them and transporting them. Something tells me that I don’t think Monday is going to be fun …

And tomorrow is a very special day for Uwe and I. What couple do you know opens up on the same day 2 companies ?! That’s right! Tomorrow we will open up officially our new German companies. Thats a big ass deal.

On a different note – A kinky note: We have had some serious playtime recently outside in the snow. I don’t know if you saw it on my Alterpic website but Uwe had me dress up in layers of tight and shiny latex, wearing a new red rubber head harness and ball gagged with bondage chains all over my body and then ordered me out in minus 6.5 Celsius degrees to shovel the snow! But the nice part was he gave me permission to insert a vibrator called “We Vibe” up into my pussy which kept my mind a little tiny bit occupied … But it was SOOOO cold. I mean – That’s just insane! It’s too extreme! It’s freezing cold out there! Huh? He did not care ….

Slavegirl Anna Rose - Shovel the Snow

Slavegirl Anna Rose - Shovel the Snow

And to let you know about the update on coming tomorrow (Jan 29) .. it is a very intense video and pics of me together with Miss Amarantha Le Blanche from The Netherlands. It is packed full of sexy latex and forced orgasms. When I was editing this movie for the Members I actually lost count how many times I had been forced to orgasm by her! And the really cool thing was seeing Amarantha totally enjoy herself the whole damn time. She loved to dominate me! It is so obvious in her expressions and the way she has her fun – Just eventually becoming down right sadistic and torturing me with the Hitachi Magic Wand…. You just have to see this movie and you’ll understand what I am talking about! ;-)

Miss Amarantha and Anna Rose

Miss Amarantha and Anna Rose

So, I would like to wish everyone a fantastic weekend coming up and lots of light and love. Next weekend we are thinking about going to the Kitty Kat Club in Munich (Feb. 5th, 2010) – Maybe we will see you there?> It’s always fun to meet like minded couples! :-)


Anna Rose

DP Latex and Suction

January 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow! It sure has been a wonderful start to the New Year. To all my Members: Thank You so very much for your wonderful support! I thought I wasn’t going be able to make the first update of the Year because of the stress from moving from Holland to Germany and the intense work involved in settling in (that’s still in progress) but somehow I managed and published the full set of the incredible photos and video of me slipping on my brand new transparent  latex night dress and transparent HW Design latex mask … preparing for some bedtime games of hardcore kinkiness. I filled my ass and pussy with two large rubber dildos that allowed for individual inflation. As normal, this kinky session was filmed by my husband Uwe Rose.  He filmed it during our stay in a beautiful hotel suite located in Aying Germany .. and is so fantastic with the lighting and storyline…not to mention the hot as hell latex :-)

The second update on this year is again photo’s and video of me but this time in a sexy red latex catsuit and rubber corset using several different kinds of suction toys on my nipples, clit and pussy. PES (Paradise Electro Stimulations – known for there super quality electricity products) from Las Vegas sent me a box filled with suction toys and the kinky instructions that they wanted to see me use them all! What a wild and sexy challenge that was, and very stimulating too! :-)

Here are a couple large Member size teaser pics for you – taken from the Members Area.

slavegirl Anna Rose wearing latex and DP

slavegirl Anna Rose wearing latex and DP

Anna Rose in latex using suction on her clit

Anna Rose in latex using suction on her clit

Of course, I don’t want to give too much away so you’ll have to Join my site to see the naughty parts up close and in detail. If you want to see more free preview pics you can visit my site – I have a very extensive free large area where I show many pics and sometimes a free video trailer to give you a glimpse of the action of that weeks update.

Some personal news:

I am going to have a booth at BoundCon in Munich Germany this May 2010. It will be the very first time I have a booth! When I have visited Bound Con in the past I went as Model but this time I will have my own booth where I will sell copies of my hard cover color photography BDSM book “My Love – Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship” and our ponygirl DVD’s and Alterpic DVD’s. I have bought Janna Grace (she models for Alterpic and KinkyPonygirl) an airplane ticket and hired her for the entire week so she will be there with me the entire time. Get ready to see some live shows at our booth! You dont want to miss that chance to also get both our autographs! See you there? Here is the url to BoundCon –

Also, I am happy to tell you we will buy a new tile oven for our kitchen. It is going to be custom built to our designs and will be ready for installing in February. If you check me out on Twitter you can sometime see me posting pics from my everyday life…kinky and non kinky. My husband also has Twitter and his is UweRose. Follow us both because you will see some things on his Twitter that you won’t on mine and vice versa.

Hope everyone isn’t too cold this time of the year. It is 15 degrees in my kitchen in the morning and the house is pretty damn close to that as well when the wood ovens are not burning ….or it can also be 13 degrees in the some other rooms ….Central heating is something nice so if you have it then I want to suggest that you think about how fortunate you are.

Thats all for now! Kisses from a slavegirl,

Anna Rose

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

Wow, I really don’t believe it that this year is over! So many things have happened this year to me – some exceptionally good and only a few bad.

This time last year I was with Uwe Rose, my Master and husband, in Napa California already for a few days shooting latex and bondage and also drinking very good wine ;-) …  and then we were in Eureka, California at the Headquarters. Exactly this day one year ago we were helping them set up for their big New Years party. Later on that night, It was so much fun celebrating the New Year with all the cool kinky people who attended. I posted a special kinky gallery only a few weeks ago on It shows me in a latex catsuit on one of the operation tables with PES wired in my ass and my nipples wired with pads. It was a hot scene! And then later on that night I changed in my bondage latex transparent straitjacket and pussy face hood…. I was like that during the countdown for the New Year and stayed in that restrictive jacket for hours!  I also have some really pretty funny behind-the-scenes pics that I will post here for you to see. …

This New Year we are now living in Germany! Since October 29th we officailly no longer live in the The Netherlands. I have lived in Holland for 13 years and together with Uwe for the last 9. A change of jobs for Uwe is the reason we left the Netherlands. To live closer to his family was the plan so we started looking for a house in the mid of 2009. We found it ! on our second looking! A miracle, if you ask me. We are still settling in as I write this blog…Lots to do in the New Year :-)

Tonight we will ring in the New Year dressed in latex and playing BDSM – Perfect! Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all have a good start tomorrow :-)

Anna Rose

Human Dildo

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My little rubber worm, Janna Grace, came to visit me and I wanted to play with her right away! She slipped into my very tight latex body bag and was ball gagged with a head harness that had a long dildo attached to the outside … Perfect for me to use. Watch as I place the super intense vibrator against her rubber pussy and then put that big dick in my pussy. I use a second vibrator on my own clit and soon explode into an incredible orgasm all over her face!

and now some personal news from me, Anna Rose:

On December 20, 2009  we have had our very first ponygirl session outside in the cold freezing temperature! It was such a rush! You can see some exciting free ponygirl pictures here: Kinky Ponygirl

We are currently at the end part of a week long visitor staying with us. It has been fun and also stressful. Some unexpected surprises along the way and excellent food have made this visit very memorable.

My Master + I have talked in great enthusiasm about playing some electricity bdsm games in our new medical room as soon as this guest departs on Monday. I expect Tuesday or Wednesday shall be VERY stimulating for me! ;-)

We also will drill holes and hang up our paintings on the walls, drill some more holes in the upstairs shower to make it possible to store shampoo and soaps off the floor, and drill more holes to hang a very cool sensor light in the bathroom and one normal light in the ceiling … and other things like telephone with the movers to make a date so they can come and collect the 180 or so boxes we have unpacked, find out where the recycle plant is to drop off all the plastic, aluminum, and  boxes/paper we have been collecting ….and on and on and on.

This year is too late to build a carport so next year when it gets warmer then we will do that. For now, our SUV sits outside and freezes herself… Poor girlie.

Our 4 kitties are becoming more social. They slept with us in bed all last night. 4 young kitty cats in bed is quite difficult for me b/c I tend to move around a lot. The good thing is – They love to lay on top of Master’s feet. When he changes his position in bed they move right away to find his feet within a minute or two. He’s fine with it though …

I’m not too sure if I will post an update on Alterpic for the 1st Friday of January. I didn’t get to have a vacation like most people during the holidays and I really do need to take some time for myself. Did you know I am the main model for both my sites and the webmaster? Plus, I am the video editor and photo editor… I might still update but if I don’t then you know why …

So, Christmas has passed us by and now it will be New Years soon! We don’t have any special fetish bdsm play party to go to…I think we will just make our own on the 31st at our farm home, in latex of course! :-) and if we can remember we will Twitter a pic for you all to see.

Best Wishes to you all,

Anna Rose

X-Mas cards

December 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hi Everyone!

Today I got my first kinky Christmas card for the Winter Holiday Season ->

Here is a Holiday Card from Mistress Bijou! :-) Dec. 23,2009 …

Here is a holiday card from – Anna Rose …

Send in your cards and I will post them here !

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