Modelling for Julia Krotzek

October 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

WOW! Today was an exciting and fun day. I modelled in several of my latex masks and outfits for Julia ( I was asked weeks ago to be a part of her Bachelor’s thesis which has the theme “Masks”. Julia is a design student in Nurnberg, Germany.

Julia made absolute stunning photos of me wearing latex and latex masks in the Alterpic Medical Room that are with a very clean clinic setting.

Uwe took some great behind-the-scenes shots of today. I’ve attached them below with his copyright.

–> But I promised Julia I wouldn’t post any pic that would give away her project. She gave me full rights on her pictures that she made so I can post them after… So please be patient.
The first pics Julia needed were for a portrait. I had to do this without mask. I am actually a bit shy without a mask so this was kinda “hard” for me. And just to tell you… This is really the way I dress when at home (sorry to ruin some of the ideas some of you might have of me) ..
The last pics are of Julia and assistant and of me in latex but I can’t show you too much. Julia asked me to do it with and without heels because of my height …

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