What I did on May 24, 2014

May 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hello Everyone 🙂

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything in my blog. But this past weekend was so great for me in so many ways that I just have to share it with you!

On Saturday Uwe and I drove into Munich and checked into our hotel. I then dressed up in a sexy latex dress, rubber thigh high boots and went over to the big event called BoundCon …


On the way over in the car I slipped on my latex hood and then I was a complete rubber doll. Walking into the fair dressed this way gave me a great buzz 😉

Immediately I found Dutch Dame ! She had a booth together with Bob from Ropemarks.


then I tried to say Hello to Marrow from BindMe but he was super busy at his booth. Which is really a good thing for him ! But sadly, I have no picture of us together .. Maybe next year I will have to tie him up to get a picture of us together – although, I’m afraid my rope skills are next to zero. 😉

walking around i found Matthias Grimme – he had just finished giving a show on stage


then i located StudioGum and just drooled all over myself 😉


and walking on i discovered EXPLICITNUMERICS


and about this time it was around 1.5 hours i had been walking in my high heels so my feet were a bit unhappy. however, it was time to go to rehearsal so i changed outfit and went over to the Kesselhaus …

here is a few pics of the stage that was set up specifically for my show that i gave that night.




I was also in the Demask show that night! So after my rehearsal I went over and did rehearsal with the team from Demask. here is a pic of me and Louva together backstage …



here is one of me and Ronnie from Demask


for the Demask show i was a rubber maid



for my show i was a nurse. this is a pic taken moments before i went onto the main stage at Kesselhaus. Sorry for the crappy quality but it was very dark in the backstage behind the main stage …



later on during the wee hours of the morning i was very lucky and had my pic taken with my friends Lady Arrakis and Tania Hule 🙂



and also together with Dutch Dame!


and a few more pics of just myself right after my show backstage …


the party at the Kesselhaus in Munich Germany was so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed the pics! xoxo Anna

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