My thoughts on “Cathing to Climax”

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Cathing to Climax is an update posted over on my website featuring Adreena Winters as my lovely patient. Dressed in a tight latex baby blue bodysuit and mask covering her mouth so she cannot speak I have her lay down on the hospital bed on her back, knees up and then spread open her legs so her feet touch together. I insert a catheter into her urethra and attach it to the piss bag which hangs securely on the bed rail. The bag fills up nicely …. at the end of this session it collected 1 and a half ltr. I arranged for Adeena to indulge in some pleasure with the use of a vintage medical massager. After some time Adreena was having the orgasm of her life. Her entire body was erupting .. Here are some pics to show from that update. You can see everything up close and in detail at

AR-AW-CathingtoClimax-1 005

AR-AW-CathingtoClimax-1 015

AR-AW-CathingtoClimax-1 035

AR-AW-CathingtoClimax-1 078

AR-AW-CathingtoClimax-2 116.
xoxo- Anna Rose

News from Anna Rose

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Hello Everyone!

I just realised that the last time I wrote in my blog was way back in May…

I have been busy with travelling to Canada and California during June, opened up my 3rd Member site called FetishClinic, had Adreena Winters here in July to model for my website Alterpic and FetishClinic and my husband had major surgery 2 weeks ago for 2 herniated discs in his neck.

I had amazing photo and video shoots with Uwe as photographer and friends JG-Leathers from and Mistress P from The pics from Mistress P and me are already online Alterpic and the ponygirl on the Sybian with tit milking machine from JG-Leathers are online I also made 2 more shoots with JG that will show me mowing the lawn all dressed up nicely in latex and leather as ponygirl and also the incredible “Creature” session from beginning to mind blowing end will soon go online Alterpic.

I am very pleased to announce that in this November I will be performing at WASTELAND in Amsterdam. More info will be released after the summer holiday.


Anna Rose

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