My name is Anna Rose. I was born September 19 in Washington DC. I lived in the USA until age 24 when I moved overseas to The Netherlands. At a young age I was curious about bdsm and realized I had a gift for guiding certain people to live out their fantasies. I worked in the States as a professional Dominant and continued in NL at the famous club called Doma. After struggling with personal intimate relationships I finally met the man who I believe is my soul mate: Uwe is my husband, Master, best friend … Together we want to share our kinky life adventures with others and therefore post high quality photos and videos on our website Alterpic and KinkyPonygirl. We have a published book called “My Love – Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship” written by me and photos by Uwe. Our interests include but are not limited to ponygirl, bondage, objectification, erotic electricity stimulation, impact play, medical, role play, breath play, latex, latex masks/hoods, extreme heels, corsets, forced orgasms … We encourage comments from readers of this blog. Plus, we are very interested in meeting like minded couples. This October 2009 we are moving from Holland to Southern Germany.

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