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“Wintersun” Lyrics – Brendan Perry

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Can’t stop the hurt, can’t stop the bleeding
I am invisible
Can’t stop the thought, nor the feeling
I don’t exist at all

But when you call my name
Do you feel the same way
That we’re trapped in time
We’re both living a lie

I live in a tower of my own creation
I’m indivisible
From the thoughts that make up all my memories

But when you call my name
Do you feel the same way
That we’re trapped in time
We’re both living a lie

Many days have come and gone
Since the day I was born
And the autumn of life has finally come
With the promise of winter thorns

Latex on eBay – winner is the highest bidder …

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My latex skirt and top/ a 2 piece outfit (excluding the latex waist cincher, latex gloves and nylons and accessories) is up for auction on eBay ! (Photography: Uwe Rose)

Check it out here – >

Kisses XXX

Anna Rose

Cynth Icorn models for Alterpic

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Recently I hired the lovely lady Cynth Icorn from the UK to model for my website In two days of photo/video shooting we made such great material that I want to share some of it with you right now. One of the sets which I will show you now is already online Alterpic since 2 weeks. The story goes like this: I am the Nurse and Cynth is my patient ..  She’s already wearing a heavy rubber straitjacket and waiting for me in The Padded Cell. I enter the room and strap her into the bondage jacket and begin to process her arrival by shaving her head bald. Next, I help her wash up by dunking her head into a large bucket full of cold water. That really gets her attention! Next, I lace her head into a serious rubber hood and chain her down to the mattress on the floor. Attach a spreader bar and ankle cuffs to her ballet heels and have my ways with her. This was fun!

Black Opium – DCD

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Dead Can Dance – Lyrics from the song “Opium”


I feel like I want to live
Far from the metropolis
Just walk through that door
I feel like I want to fly
Reach out to the painted sky
A prisoner to the wind
A bird on the wing

I feel the ocean in my blood
See rain from the sky above
Her salt brined tears
And now
Those tears leave taste on my tongue
Like the warm rush you get from
Black opium
Black opium

I feel like I want to leave
Behind all these memories
And walk through that door
The black night calls my name
But all roads look the same
They lead nowhere
They lead nowhere

Photoshooting with …

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Alexander Horn ( is always fun because he photographs me while I wear latex so it is never boring! In this photo shoot we went up to the 2nd floor (just outside the Medical Room) and took advantage of the wonderful weather outside. Posing in my white latex catsuit, coset and mask I did begin to kind of melt! Suffer for art ?> Yup! I hope you enjoy these pics, sometime soon the entire photo gallery will be posted on my website Alterpic. By the way, this catsuit is on ebay right now for auction!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Anna Rose

Some pics from the latex dress on ebay

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Hi Everyone!

I’m selling this cute red latex nurse dress with apron and “hat” on ebay –

Here are some pics of the dress!

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