3 nights ago at nerodom in munich w/anne

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latex and leather 😉 in the ladies room
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me and Amarantha

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Wow! Amarantha LaBlanche flew in from The Netherlands in late December 2011 to our home here in Bavaria and then seriously played hard games with me. During one of those intense afternoons, I was locked into my Master’s “Rigid Cuff fiddle” by my wrists and neck to the jail cell door. This was only the beginning, as she pushed my legs apart and fitted my ankles with rubber restraints attached to a stainless steel spreader bar. It was without mercy! – to have my body pushed in this position! Then she attached a dildo to the middle of the spreader bar and inserted it deep into my hot box 😉 I could feel her touching me  but there was absolutely nothing I could do to get away from her grabbing hands. Then she started to paddle my bare ass cheeks …

It was an inescapable bondage dream!

Here are some sample pics to wet your appetite! The full photo gallery + video is now available inside the alterpic.com Members area. Enjoy!


Anna Rose

Alterpic Gets a Make Over!

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My website Alterpic.com has been online since 2005. I have a ton of photo galleries and hours of video that can be enjoyed when you log in to the Member’s Area. But it was the huge Free Area of Alterpic.com that was crammed and messy looking that it might have turned some people off. I had to come up with a better look. And it also was a time stealer when I arranged the layout each week to advertise the newest weekly update … It needed a make over badly!

The new design was just the other day published! Did you check it out yet? Visit www.Alterpic.com and have a look. All the pussy pics have been blurred in the Free Area, but don’t worry -if you are a Member then you get to see all of it (no censorship in the Member’s Area).

A pic from the new free Tour of www.Alterpic.com - Highlighting the Love for Latex Outfits

There is a comprehensive Tour that highlights the several points Alterpic focuses on. Latex, Bondage, Latex Masks + Gas Masks, Electro Stimulation, Medical, and BDSM. The new website has also a “Update” page where it will showcase the most recent 16 Updates on Alterpic. There is also a Webmaster Affiliate Program available.


Anna Rose

Anna Rose in the Valley of Fire

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Waking up at 4am, leaving our comfy Wynn Hotel bed and grabbing my already packed bags from the night before…. We head out the door, ride down in the elevator, exit through the casino main entrance. Ask for our rental car, moments later it arrives. Its still dark outside, I’m really not totally awake … Driving to the Valley of Fire with intentions to make pictures. Seems like a great idea but actually doing it is another story. You have to get up EARLY in order to be there on time if you are departing from Las Vegas. The 2 reasons we must be there at an insane early hour is to beat the heat (it get super hot there as soon as the sun goes up) and to avoid the tourists. We arrive just at the time we planned -6am.

I love this place .. the Valley of Fire is magical. When I am totally dressed for our photo shoot ( it takes time to get dressed into latex and the desert sands doesn’t help!) I start to feel very alien like. I imagine I am a visitor from outer space, because when I look around now I feel so different from a few hours ago when walking through the bustling noisy casino. No drunk people here. Just me and my husband, and our Nikon camera. I hope you enjoy these 3 sample pictures. (There will be published September 16, 2011 a total of 112 from this photo gallery over on my website www.alterpic.com)

The white latex mask is made by HW Design. Photography by Uwe Rose. Model is me (Anna Rose).

Anna Rose


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Hi Everyone! This coming update (September 2, 2011) on Alterpic will be a 167 pictures gallery together with an incredible 18 minute video … Starring me (www.Alterpic.com), Gord (www.HouseofGord.com) and the very beautiful Dutch model named Amarantha LaBlanche (http://amaranthalablanche.tumblr.com/). It is filmed in a part of my house which I call “The Grand Hall”.

When Gord came over I showed him the cage that my Master had custom built for me. After a few additions from Gord (and the very appreciated help of Amarantha’s partner Chuck) it no longer was “just” a cage. The idea was that Amarantha would be perched over top a support rest so that her ass would be sticking up into the air, head upside down, kneeling down and severely mouth gagged. This was a very intense bondage position (not too many people I know can handle this! and definitely not as long as Amarantha did).

So it went that fun afternoon in my house…..

Anna Rose

My favorite time of the year

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It’s my favorite time of the year. I love all the different shades of colors on the leaves so much. I also love Halloween. I remember being a little girl and my Dad taking me all around the neighborhood to knock on the doors for candy. I remember the smell of the leaves and how much fun it was to walk through the leaves on the ground. …

So! Here is my Halloween card for all of you. I know its a bit early but I really wanted to make sure you all see it before the night comes and goes. It is a picture of me wearing a latex nurse uniform and  was photographed by Sebastian Wood from MedicalToys.com.  You can see the entire photo gallery on Alterpic.com inside the member area coming this October 31st!

Season’s Creepings!

Anna Rose

Some News from Alterpic – Updates

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29 minutes Video + 84 Photos – March 19, 2010
Gord and Lydia McLane had their fun with me and put me to the edge with electricity play. I had to insert my big PES electric dildo into my pussy and Lydia put my big electricity pads on my butt. All of them were then connected to some very powerful tens units. In the beginning it was my job to blow on a dildo in my mouth which controlled the electricity. You can easily see that when I didn’t do a good job on blowing the big prick in my mouth I got zapped. But after a while Lydia wanted to put me on fire. She unplugged the dildo from the control of the electricity and I got zapped really good. You will see that I was hit so hard that I even didn’t figure out that it didn’t matter what I did with the dildo. Lydia and Gord enjoyed it so much to put the electricity higher and higher even if I asked for mercy. They know me so well and what I can endure. Watch this video and get turned on seeing what you could do to me.

Blow Job Training with Electricity

Anna Rose - Blow Job Training with Electricity


221 Photos – March 12, 2010
It was so humiliating to be caught in the men’s bathroom, placed in bondage and used. You’ll see my legs are spread wide apart using a T-spreader bar with a long black rubber dildo attached and inserted deep into my pussy. I’m ball gagged and put to work to clean the men’s urinal’s. Everytime I bed over to clean with the toilet brush gag I fuck myself. It makes me incredibly horny and yet it is so horrible to smell the urine and filth. After I clean the room I’m told to place myself next to the pissoir to be gagged again – now mouth wide open for using. Check out, how I am made to suck cock in full detail!

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose


17 minutes Video + 61 Photos – March 5, 2010
I love it when Master plays with me and I love it even more when Master puts a gasmask on my face, fixes me in tight latex and makes me come like you wouldn’t believe. I enjoy it totally being under his control and not being able to stop the powerful vibration on my clit that drives me crazy. The gasmask is a total aphrodisiac. The more I get turned on the harder it gets for me to breathe which slows me down and drives me crazy because all I want to do is to come and when I finally get over it I am coming so hard like you wouldn’t believe. Watch me having two strong orgasms and imagine how tight my pussy gets from the strong contractions of the orgasm and how good it would feel to be squeezed by her.

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

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