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January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Wow! Amarantha LaBlanche flew in from The Netherlands in late December 2011 to our home here in Bavaria and then seriously played hard games with me. During one of those intense afternoons, I was locked into my Master’s “Rigid Cuff fiddle” by my wrists and neck to the jail cell door. This was only the beginning, as she pushed my legs apart and fitted my ankles with rubber restraints attached to a stainless steel spreader bar. It was without mercy! – to have my body pushed in this position! Then she attached a dildo to the middle of the spreader bar and inserted it deep into my hot box 😉 I could feel her touching me  but there was absolutely nothing I could do to get away from her grabbing hands. Then she started to paddle my bare ass cheeks …

It was an inescapable bondage dream!

Here are some sample pics to wet your appetite! The full photo gallery + video is now available inside the Members area. Enjoy!


Anna Rose


September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi Everyone! This coming update (September 2, 2011) on Alterpic will be a 167 pictures gallery together with an incredible 18 minute video … Starring me (, Gord ( and the very beautiful Dutch model named Amarantha LaBlanche ( It is filmed in a part of my house which I call “The Grand Hall”.

When Gord came over I showed him the cage that my Master had custom built for me. After a few additions from Gord (and the very appreciated help of Amarantha’s partner Chuck) it no longer was “just” a cage. The idea was that Amarantha would be perched over top a support rest so that her ass would be sticking up into the air, head upside down, kneeling down and severely mouth gagged. This was a very intense bondage position (not too many people I know can handle this! and definitely not as long as Amarantha did).

So it went that fun afternoon in my house…..

Anna Rose

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