Kinky Bed Time Games in Latex + Bondage

April 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wearing inflatable double dildo latex undies and being filled in both my holes makes me so hot. I play with the pumps, inflating and then deflating …. Fucking myself in my pussy and ass …. I have my instructions from Master to gag myself with an inflatable dildo gag, put on my latex bondage mittens …. Pulling back the bed sheets I uncover the latex body bag waiting for me. This is the way I have to sleep tonight …

March 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

What? It is March already?! Wowow! Time is flying! I have been “nesting” in my new home and having new adventures every day. Some fun and others not fine at all. But, that’s life! I am a tough chic, and you all know that! Just look at what the House of Gord did to me in the update from early February on my website Hanging by my ankles! upside down from Gord’s truck and travelling up to speeds of ? I don’t exactly know but it felt to me fast enough 😉 Oh, I forgot almost to mention the electricity probe buried deep into my pussy and the electro stim pads on my ankles and ass. Wild stuff!

Anna Rose and Gord

Anna Rose and The House of Gord

Click here for the free MOV Video Trailer.

And I also posted one week later an incredible jail cell fantasy photo gallery on my site. It shows me in a latex red catsuit that was custom made for me and a latex HW Design mask. Handcuffed to the large jail cell to await my orders .. Here’s a picture taken just before I was handcuffed. If you want to see all the details you can click here.

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

The next set published was photos and video of me wearing a rather sexy latex outfit and thigh high ballet boots, sitting on my fuckmachine having some naughty fun. I had too much fun! 🙂 You can watch how my Master put me into a straitjacket and hooded me with a brand new pig hood. It had one tiny hole to allow me to breath and when I did inhale and exhale it moved the snout in and out – it really looks like a little piggy… and thats what Master said I was that day.

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

And today I updated the site with a very HOT gas mask session. I was wearing my transparent latex straitjacket and forced to orgasm by the thick bondage belt around my waist which held firmly in place against my pussy a very powerful vibrator called the Hitachi Magic Wand. Ahem… Ladies, if you don’t have one of these and you want to have some intense orgasms like never before? Go out and buy yourself one. Your welcome.

GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

So, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and has a super weekend!


Anna Rose

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