Amarantha La Blanche Dominates Anna Rose

August 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Video + Photos – Bound in Latex and Dominated with Electricity
August 28, 2009
Video – 15 Minutes in 640 x 360 in mov and wmv, 200 x 113 mov, iPod/iPhone
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My Master organised to get a field operating table from the German Armed Forces and this is the first time you can see it here. Miss Amarantha came to our home to examine my butt. She wears my mirror lenses on her eyes to scare me seeing myself in her eyes and exposed at her mercy.

I got fixed on the table in the butt examination position with my butt totally accessible wearing a transparent latex top, a hobble skirt, latex toe socks and having a neck and mouth corset on. There was no way to escape! Miss Amarantha totally enjoyed fucking my butt with four of her fingers.

Then she took the PES butt plug and fucked me with it. To let me suffer even more she connected the butt plug to the PES power box and let it do the job. Could you imagine how I felt being fixed to a medical field operation table in a very awkward position having a electricity butt probe deep in my ass!

She left me in that position and watched me suffering for a long time to satisfy her sadistic feelings.

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Anna Rose

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