My Vibe is the “We Vibe”

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

My Master recently came back from a business trip in Northern Germany and brought with him the We Vibe. 🙂 Just in case you do not know what it is …. We Vibe is a small sized vibrator (with a big vibe) that inserts into a woman’s pussy and she can wear it during intercourse. It really is such a great insertable, and I can testify! We have used it several times already during sex and I simply do love it. What a great addition …. This vibrator is directly located on my clit…. So, it was intense joy for me when Master is fucking me to also feel another stimulation on my sensitive clit….

Just to let you in on the know, the most recent update (published today) is 83 pics and the entire 20 minute erotic latex fetish video (# 142) of me slipping the We Vibe up inside my pussy. But, wait! There’s more 😉 It starts out with me just naked and then slicking my body up with Body Glide from BlackBody in Amsterdam. That stuff is absolutely perfect for people who wonder what to use when about to slip into their latex outfit. So, I rubbed my arms, belly and legs all over … I was one slippery sexy girl! Afterwards I easily slid right into my new black latex catsuit. Lacing my long legs into the latex catsuit was very exciting for me … Preparing myself for Master’s eyes. I knew he would just be so pleased to see me… And then I slipped into a latex body overtop my latex catsuit. I loved the way it felt against my body. Layers of latex, red latex gloves, latex HW Design mask Ah! I LOVE latex!!! You know it, baby!

Here’s a few VERY HOT pictures from inside the Member’s Area to help you understand my writing today.

Anna Rose is Lacing her Latex Catsuit

Anna Rose is Lacing her Latex Catsuit

Anna Rose in Layers of Latex

Anna Rose in Layers of Latex

and if you want to see the x-rated pics then you can visit my website – Alterpic – and have a good detailed inspection of it all. I have an exclusive and extensive free area showing all the naughty things I’ve been up to lately. I hope you have some serious fun looking 😉

Some other news from me -> and now to just go ahead and vent – which is something i should have done a long time ago but ….

Recently I was experiencing some enormous stress for a few months!  From what? You might ask? From the very big move from Holland to Bavaria. I lived there 13 years, together with Uwe for 9. After the exhausting move was completed, I was contacted by some different old “friends” who were a bit, if you ask me, not at all pretending to be interested in how I was doing -they did not ask 😦 – but they were only concerned about what they could get from me… It was like they had this bad bad attitude -> How could they use me to their advantage … It just made me want to scream. And so believe me, I did ! and several times … So, Im begging ~ if anyone is reading this blog ~ Please don’t write to me and  tell me how busy you are and then quickly ask me for a free pass into my site. Please don’t include in your short meaningless email message to tell me you have NOT looked at my site and then say you want to look inside at all the material for FREE … ? LOL.  If you are my friend, maybe you could please be careful of my feelings and think of a nicer way to ask me for it – especially if we have not talked in years! And also, please don’t ask me to give you a free pass into my site if you want to post my pics on your  free site so you can make some good $$ off of me but at the same time tell me that I am not “doing it right”. You can just go and FUCK OFF. 🙂 Yes, capital letters. I really do not want to be told I’m doing something ‘wrong’ and then you want me to hurry up and give you a free pass so you can post all my material out there so you can make a quick buck off of me. Im not your door mat! Do you really think that is a nice way to behave to a “friend”? NO. I do not want to have your negative energy around me – please leave  me alone and GET LOST.

And now on a much lighter note! -> We had all four of our young male kitty cats taken in one morning, very early, to the vet. It was not stress free but just so very important to make sure they aren’t out there making unwanted baby cats. If you follow me on Twitter you can see that picture of me in the waiting room with all 4 in their own little carriers 🙂

We also went to a Notary close by to where we now live and !!!!! Master and I have officially our own German companies. GmbH !!! Who hah! I’m also working on those much anticipated DVD’s and also have some other ideas that need  a lot of time but I’m telling you – it WILL happen 🙂

Some other cool news … The second meeting with the artist for the kitchen oven went very well. We talked a lot about color, design and the artwork that we want to have on the front of the oven. It is so exciting for me and they tell me that the tiles are being made as we speak! What a truly wonderful experience to have an wood burning ceramic tiled oven hand crafted to my wishes. How amazing! When I have  some pics I will be sure to publish them on Twitter or here for you all to see what I’m talking about.

So, thats all from me for me now! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Anna Rose

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