What I did on May 24, 2014

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Hello Everyone 🙂

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything in my blog. But this past weekend was so great for me in so many ways that I just have to share it with you!

On Saturday Uwe and I drove into Munich and checked into our hotel. I then dressed up in a sexy latex dress, rubber thigh high boots and went over to the big event called BoundCon …


On the way over in the car I slipped on my latex hood and then I was a complete rubber doll. Walking into the fair dressed this way gave me a great buzz 😉

Immediately I found Dutch Dame ! She had a booth together with Bob from Ropemarks.


then I tried to say Hello to Marrow from BindMe but he was super busy at his booth. Which is really a good thing for him ! But sadly, I have no picture of us together .. Maybe next year I will have to tie him up to get a picture of us together – although, I’m afraid my rope skills are next to zero. 😉

walking around i found Matthias Grimme – he had just finished giving a show on stage


then i located StudioGum and just drooled all over myself 😉


and walking on i discovered EXPLICITNUMERICS


and about this time it was around 1.5 hours i had been walking in my high heels so my feet were a bit unhappy. however, it was time to go to rehearsal so i changed outfit and went over to the Kesselhaus …

here is a few pics of the stage that was set up specifically for my show that i gave that night.




I was also in the Demask show that night! So after my rehearsal I went over and did rehearsal with the team from Demask. here is a pic of me and Louva together backstage …



here is one of me and Ronnie from Demask


for the Demask show i was a rubber maid



for my show i was a nurse. this is a pic taken moments before i went onto the main stage at Kesselhaus. Sorry for the crappy quality but it was very dark in the backstage behind the main stage …



later on during the wee hours of the morning i was very lucky and had my pic taken with my friends Lady Arrakis and Tania Hule 🙂



and also together with Dutch Dame!


and a few more pics of just myself right after my show backstage …


the party at the Kesselhaus in Munich Germany was so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed the pics! xoxo Anna

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Demask Heavy Rubber Show – Kesselhaus Munich Germany May 25, 2013

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Recently I took part in the Demask Heavy Rubber Show on stage at the SubrosaDictum Party /Kesselhaus in Munich Germany, the official party for BoundCon 2013.

Louva from Demask, Dutch Dame from DutchDoll, Bob from Ropemarks, Ornella Nicoara (Miss Asper), Claire,  Anton from Demask and myself (Anna Rose from Alterpic) performed a spectacular 25 minutes show. The live action included the use of a Demask suspended inflatable rubber bag and lots of champagne all over everyone while inside a huge rubber pool 🙂

Here are some pictures taken by Heinrich.V.Schimmer-

PS- I am the one wearing a red latex mask together with a red/black maids uniform overtop of a latex catsuit 🙂

Demask-1 Demask-2 Demask-3 Demask-4 Demask-5 Demask-6 Demask-7 Demask-8 Demask-9 Demask-10 Demask-11 Demask-12 Demask-13 Demask-14 Demask-15 Demask-16Demask-17 Demask-18

This party  was  fun ! It was obvious that so many took the time and effort to dress up – I saw a few pretty faces wearing latex masks and every time I did I tapped that person on the shoulder and gave them a OK sign with a big smile. The music was good, and the play area was hot! I tested out *again* the “wooden pony” – it is made of steel! And had a wonderful time socialising with friends and fans!


Anna Rose

Goliath book “High Gloss Dolls” By Fraulein Ehrhardt

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Goliath new book by Fraulein Ehrhardt

“Enter Fraulein Ehrhardt’s latex world, it’s playful, futuristic, colorful and super sexy. In their skintight latex outfits her “High Gloss Dolls“ are like seductive beings from another planet. From sleek black catsuits and slick stockings to bright and vibrant corsages: wrapped in their second skins, these lascivious sirens will make every latex fashion lover’s heart sing!”

My first impression: This book is super hot!
There’s a lot of different reasons why … So many gorgeous models in highly erotic (latex only! :-)) outfits. And I loved especially the very good photography. The lighting and posing of the models comes together so nicely – It is total eye candy. When I was looking through it page by page I saw something new in each and every single photo. I loved this book so much – it took my mind off of everything else thats going on in my busy life and I just settled into the seat and really enjoyed my time alone with this work of art.

I didn’t know that Fraulein Ehrhardt is both the latex designer and the photographer. I really do admire people like her – works really hard, enjoys what they do – you know why? Because it shows!!

Just look at some of these pics from the book “High Gloss Dolls” and see for yourself –

You can treat yourself and check this book out in full glory by visiting this link here -> GOLIATH

Sweet regards,
Anna Rose

3 nights ago at nerodom in munich w/anne

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latex and leather 😉 in the ladies room
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Padded Cell is Complete

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Hi Everyone !

Well, as you might have noticed I have been posting some lyrics to songs which I find very good! I hope you find them interesting as well. Sometimes it’s easier for me to post a certain song to explain to you how I’m feeling rather writing it out myself. So the songs I have posted are a close reflection on how I’ve been feeling ..


And now for some fetish pictures 🙂 taken by Uwe Rose for my website www.Alterpic.com.

A super BIG Special Thanks goes to my friend Steven VR for making “The Padded Cell” become a reality. Without his hard work and determination this cool room would not exist.

And a very BIG Thank You to my friend Mistress Sandra from Fetish-Live.com and to HW Design for all the beautiful latex outfits and masks !

Enjoy these pics to wet your appetite ..

This entire update is added into the Member’s Area of Alterpic.com with 128 photos and 17 min video. It shows me being put into a tight latex straitjacket in the new room called “The Padded Cell”. My ankles are  spread apart wide using a spreader bar and a dildo is attached to the middle which goes you know where … A custom made vibrator attachment holds firm against my sensitive pleasure knob the powerful Hitachi Magic Wand! It’s not too long before I am having a really intense orgasm. If you want to see all the details you’ll have to Join my website.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend 🙂

Cheers, Anna Rose

Anna Rose in the Valley of Fire

September 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

Waking up at 4am, leaving our comfy Wynn Hotel bed and grabbing my already packed bags from the night before…. We head out the door, ride down in the elevator, exit through the casino main entrance. Ask for our rental car, moments later it arrives. Its still dark outside, I’m really not totally awake … Driving to the Valley of Fire with intentions to make pictures. Seems like a great idea but actually doing it is another story. You have to get up EARLY in order to be there on time if you are departing from Las Vegas. The 2 reasons we must be there at an insane early hour is to beat the heat (it get super hot there as soon as the sun goes up) and to avoid the tourists. We arrive just at the time we planned -6am.

I love this place .. the Valley of Fire is magical. When I am totally dressed for our photo shoot ( it takes time to get dressed into latex and the desert sands doesn’t help!) I start to feel very alien like. I imagine I am a visitor from outer space, because when I look around now I feel so different from a few hours ago when walking through the bustling noisy casino. No drunk people here. Just me and my husband, and our Nikon camera. I hope you enjoy these 3 sample pictures. (There will be published September 16, 2011 a total of 112 from this photo gallery over on my website www.alterpic.com)

The white latex mask is made by HW Design. Photography by Uwe Rose. Model is me (Anna Rose).

Anna Rose

Book Review – Latex Fashion Photography

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A little while ago I was asked by GOLIATH Publishing if I would be interested to give a review of the new book called “Latex Fashion Photography”. Now, of course, since I love latex fashion and wear it all the time on my website Alterpic.com I think I am certainly qualified to give a review of such a book.

Here is the book in my hands:

Soon I was lost in the land of sexy latex fashion. This book holds up to its name! With 400 high quality pictures of colorful latex fashion photography combined with a high sense of aesthetics together with stunning models I was looking page after page for a long time, thinking of nothing else, just enjoying the eye candy.

Here are some random pics that are from the inside of the book. (I’m sorry for the crappy quality but it was taken with my phone camera):

This book has well known fetish models in it and some girls I never heard of before. Underneath each and every picture was a description of the model name, photographer and latex manufacturer. I loved that part! How wonderful to provide the reader with the important information!

In the back-end of the book is also a few pages of all the yummy details listing all the people who took part in making this book a reality and also a comprehensive list of Photographers, Designers, and Latex Stores/Shops.

Bottom line is if you enjoy looking at high quality erotic latex fashion photography and would like information on where to purchase latex clothing then you should buy this book. 🙂 Visit www.goliathbooks.com to order yourself this book right now!
Anna Rose

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