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“These meticulously tethered girls in their skintight outfits set every pulse racing. Photographer Jim Weathers has created perfect moments of extremely erotic pulp poetry. This book is a high-class hotbed of sins for Bondage fans and everyone who loves PVC, leather, latex or nylons. Captivating from cover to cover!”

By Jim Weathers / Published by Goliath

My personal review:

If you like to look at super hot babes who love to wear extreme high heel stilettos (think 6 inch!) and boots while their sexy bodies are covered in latex, spandex, nylon and held captive with the use of rope and chain bondage … Then this book is just for you! ūüėČ

I was rather surprised at discovering photos of some models wearing super hero costumes … It’s something totally refreshing to see.

You will also be able to enjoy looking at some of these lovelies in straitjackets, wearing clamps and put into some incredible predicament bondage. I especially fell in love with the pics where the girls were bound up tight and being teased with the powerful magic wand on their sex! Hot Hot Hot!

Jim Weathers obviously knows exactly what he likes and Goliath has published it so that it shows off very well.


Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN: 978-3-936709-56-8

550 High Quality Photographs/Fotos

368 Pages/Seiten


Anna Rose in the Valley of Fire

September 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

Waking up at 4am, leaving our comfy Wynn Hotel bed and grabbing my already packed bags from the night before…. We head out the door, ride down in the elevator, exit through the casino main entrance. Ask for our rental car, moments later it arrives. Its still dark outside, I’m really not totally awake … Driving to the Valley of Fire with intentions to make pictures. Seems like a great idea but actually doing it is another story. You have to get up EARLY in order to be there on time if you are departing from Las Vegas. The 2 reasons we must be there at an insane early hour is to beat the heat (it get super hot there as soon as the sun goes up) and to avoid the tourists. We arrive just at the time we planned -6am.

I love this place .. the Valley of Fire is magical. When I am totally dressed for our photo shoot ( it takes time to get dressed into latex and the desert sands doesn’t help!)¬†I start to feel very alien like. I imagine I am a visitor from outer space, because when I look around now I feel so different from a few hours ago when walking through the bustling noisy casino. No drunk people here. Just me and my husband, and our Nikon camera. I hope you enjoy these 3 sample pictures. (There will be published September 16, 2011 a total of 112 from this photo gallery over on my website

The white latex mask is made by HW Design. Photography by Uwe Rose. Model is me (Anna Rose).

‚ô° Anna Rose

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