Nose Chain Tease

October 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

The time is long overdue for my septum piercing to be in use. A lot of non kink friends have joked about my husband leading me around the house by a leash attached to my nose ring … they don’t  know its true! Of course he uses my nose ring and that is not enough for him. To make it really difficult for me to get away I had to wear my transparent latex straitjacket. He loves tight latex on me but also he loves being able to see right thru to my sexy body. My nose ring was connected with a long gold chain to the wall and I was forced to stay in my high heels for his pleasure. Then you can see me on the big bed and watch how I touch myself thru the latex and open my crotch zipper to tease you.

Anna Rose with a gold leash on her nose ring

Anna Rose with a gold leash on her nose ring

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After 13 years … This is the last weekend I will stay in the Netherlands. Monday the movers will arrive to pack us up. They say it will take about 2 days to do all the packing. It is for us an 11 hours drive (and we drive fast on the autobahn) to our new farm home in Southern Germany … I guess for the movers it will take longer. lol! I suspect that they will arrive in Bavaria to unload on the 29th of October. I’m so very excited to move and can’t wait to get settled in and start a new chapter in the life book of Anna Rose 😉

Enjoy the weekend!

xoxox, Anna Rose

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