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November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

Opps! the update below was posted on time but this blog is a little bit late! Sorry! Im so busy right now with the big move that I have totally neglected to write in my blog. Here is the write up for the update that was put online November, 6, 2009:

“Dressed in my red latex catsuit, I’m ready for the kinky party at the clinic! Sitting in the gynecological chair my ass was penetrated by a P.E.S. acrylic electricity plug. My tits were also wired up with electricity … Later on that night I changed into my tight fitting latex straitjacket and rubber pussy face and was locked inside a Rigid Cuff jail cell. …”

– Here are some small samples taken from inside the Members Area –

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

and now for some personal news from me ->

Moving from The Netherlands to Bavaria has been extremely stressful in so many ways but thankfully I have the best partner who is caring, loving and has a sense of humor to turn even the shittiest day into a good one . Thank You, Uwe, for being my best friend and love. You are My Love.

Unpacking 180 boxes (give or take) is time-consuming. I didn’t know we owned that much. But on the other hand it has been kinda fun putting away the plates, bowls and glasses in my new kitchen. Filling up the new cupboards up has been real nice…

And there have been problems or I guess maybe I should say challenges. Like finding out the floors were damaged underneath the carpets, no hot water in the main part of the house for the first 5 nights, no central heat – only wood burning ovens (and I never had used one before) … no kitchen at all (got our Smeg oven now installed but it is not hooked up yet so I’m using the microwave and seriously considering to use the wood burning oven top – if it weren’t so dirty and rusty I just might have already used it …), no fridge (have one now but there is a repair man coming tomorrow to fix it) and more crappy surprises along the way ….

I tried my best to prepare for the big move by making galleries ready and editing videos and uploading them to the server … and so far have not missed to post an update yet. I hope I continue to be a good girl 😉

Since we have moved here I have learned how to light and keep a wood burning oven and how to speak a tiny bit German. By the way, I love the German bread and pretzels.

We inherited 6 cats when we bought the farm. They are very cute. Still living outside but they might change their minds when it begins to snow. I guess I better go to the pet store and buy a kitty litter box …. or two.

The idea for our next shoot will be here in the indoor pony track for KinkyPonygirl and I cant wait to do that! You can see a picture of the grand room here at my ponygirl blog. The next session for Alterpic will be me in our new medical room. I have to keep it a secret but can tell you it will include an awesome latex breathplay hood!

Anyways, thats all from me for now. Hope you all have a great week! Feel free to leave me a comment !


Anna Rose

Transparent Latex Orgasm

October 5, 2009 § Leave a comment


I’m back from 4 nights in Bavaria spent in my new home … saying that is really weird not only because its my new home but also because it is a 250 years old farm house! Not really new, is it 🙂 It was a very interesting experience not having heat. We will need to put wood in these little ovens in the rooms to keep warm during cold weather. And the mosquitos were very nasty. Even though I sprayed myself morning and night they still enjoyed eating me. I am definitely going to buy a screen door for the back door…

It has been very stressful preparing for the move. So many things to do. I was considering cloning myself but it simply wouldn’t be fast enough! I also thought that maybe I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the very big updates we are uploading for the Members Area of but I haven’t missed one yet 🙂 Which is pretty darn amazing, if you ask me. I want to make sure not to screw up the October 30, 2009 update. That one is a Halloween theme with a casket, bondage and burying. Very extreme and perfect for that holiday on the 31st. Don’t miss that one!

So, anyways, this is the update that went up on Friday …..

October 2, 2009
Video – 21 Minutes in 640 x 360 in mov and wmv, 200 x 113 mov, iPod/iPhone
131 Photos

You had stepped out … but before you left you had placed a very special set of tan and white leather bondage cuffs and collar on the table in our hotel suite. I strapped and locked them on my neck, wrists and ankles – Leaving the keys for you. I’m your slavegirl. From being fixed in the leather restraints I got so hot that my transparent latex was very wet. I realized I was so turned on and searched for one of my favorite toys that would make me explode – the Eroscillator! It made my clit so excited that I was coming within minutes. Do you want to see this wild orgasm up close and in detail? Download it now and enjoy watching me!

Anna Rose in Bondage and Latex = Orgasm
Anna Rose in Bondage and Latex = Orgasm

I wish you all a great week ! 🙂

Make sure you check back on this coming Friday the 9th of October to see me in my red latex catsuit together with my very strict posture collar with attached ball gag, gummi toe socks, and wearing those very heavy Clejuso’s on my ankles.


Slavegirl Anna Rose

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