Demask Heavy Rubber Show – Kesselhaus Munich Germany May 25, 2013

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Recently I took part in the Demask Heavy Rubber Show on stage at the SubrosaDictum Party /Kesselhaus in Munich Germany, the official party for BoundCon 2013.

Louva from Demask, Dutch Dame from DutchDoll, Bob from Ropemarks, Ornella Nicoara (Miss Asper), Claire,  Anton from Demask and myself (Anna Rose from Alterpic) performed a spectacular 25 minutes show. The live action included the use of a Demask suspended inflatable rubber bag and lots of champagne all over everyone while inside a huge rubber pool 🙂

Here are some pictures taken by Heinrich.V.Schimmer-

PS- I am the one wearing a red latex mask together with a red/black maids uniform overtop of a latex catsuit 🙂

Demask-1 Demask-2 Demask-3 Demask-4 Demask-5 Demask-6 Demask-7 Demask-8 Demask-9 Demask-10 Demask-11 Demask-12 Demask-13 Demask-14 Demask-15 Demask-16Demask-17 Demask-18

This party  was  fun ! It was obvious that so many took the time and effort to dress up – I saw a few pretty faces wearing latex masks and every time I did I tapped that person on the shoulder and gave them a OK sign with a big smile. The music was good, and the play area was hot! I tested out *again* the “wooden pony” – it is made of steel! And had a wonderful time socialising with friends and fans!


Anna Rose

3 nights ago at nerodom in munich w/anne

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latex and leather 😉 in the ladies room
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