Cynth Icorn models for Alterpic

September 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Recently I hired the lovely lady Cynth Icorn from the UK to model for my website In two days of photo/video shooting we made such great material that I want to share some of it with you right now. One of the sets which I will show you now is already online Alterpic since 2 weeks. The story goes like this: I am the Nurse and Cynth is my patient ..  She’s already wearing a heavy rubber straitjacket and waiting for me in The Padded Cell. I enter the room and strap her into the bondage jacket and begin to process her arrival by shaving her head bald. Next, I help her wash up by dunking her head into a large bucket full of cold water. That really gets her attention! Next, I lace her head into a serious rubber hood and chain her down to the mattress on the floor. Attach a spreader bar and ankle cuffs to her ballet heels and have my ways with her. This was fun!

Master’s Birthday Gift

September 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was the gift for my Master’s birthday 😉

We checked into a very nice hotel suite in The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada. I put on my new red latex catsuit and high heels. We had bought some very cool institutional leather bondage gear from Medical Toys and I tested them out on my wrists and ankles … But the one big item we bought, that I was a little bit nervous about, was the sensory deprivation leather hood. There is a small hole over the mouth to allow me to breathe but it is still very intense because I could not see at all and hearing was very limited due to the heavy padded ears. Master laced this white leather hood onto my head and with each lacing I felt like my mind was slipping away … when he placed his hands on me I felt his touch a million times stronger. I was in his hands now, at his mercy.

I am posting all of these photos from that afternoon on my kinky Alterpic website on Friday 18, Sept. My birthday is on the 19th. Wonder what kind of games will happen on Saturday  …

Kisses from Slavegirl Anna Rose

Anna Rose wearing a latex catsuit getting ready to put on a sensory deprivation hood.

Anna Rose wearing a latex catsuit getting ready to put on a sensory deprivation hood.

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