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March 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

29 minutes Video + 84 Photos – March 19, 2010
Gord and Lydia McLane had their fun with me and put me to the edge with electricity play. I had to insert my big PES electric dildo into my pussy and Lydia put my big electricity pads on my butt. All of them were then connected to some very powerful tens units. In the beginning it was my job to blow on a dildo in my mouth which controlled the electricity. You can easily see that when I didn’t do a good job on blowing the big prick in my mouth I got zapped. But after a while Lydia wanted to put me on fire. She unplugged the dildo from the control of the electricity and I got zapped really good. You will see that I was hit so hard that I even didn’t figure out that it didn’t matter what I did with the dildo. Lydia and Gord enjoyed it so much to put the electricity higher and higher even if I asked for mercy. They know me so well and what I can endure. Watch this video and get turned on seeing what you could do to me.

Blow Job Training with Electricity

Anna Rose - Blow Job Training with Electricity


221 Photos – March 12, 2010
It was so humiliating to be caught in the men’s bathroom, placed in bondage and used. You’ll see my legs are spread wide apart using a T-spreader bar with a long black rubber dildo attached and inserted deep into my pussy. I’m ball gagged and put to work to clean the men’s urinal’s. Everytime I bed over to clean with the toilet brush gag I fuck myself. It makes me incredibly horny and yet it is so horrible to smell the urine and filth. After I clean the room I’m told to place myself next to the pissoir to be gagged again – now mouth wide open for using. Check out, how I am made to suck cock in full detail!

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose


17 minutes Video + 61 Photos – March 5, 2010
I love it when Master plays with me and I love it even more when Master puts a gasmask on my face, fixes me in tight latex and makes me come like you wouldn’t believe. I enjoy it totally being under his control and not being able to stop the powerful vibration on my clit that drives me crazy. The gasmask is a total aphrodisiac. The more I get turned on the harder it gets for me to breathe which slows me down and drives me crazy because all I want to do is to come and when I finally get over it I am coming so hard like you wouldn’t believe. Watch me having two strong orgasms and imagine how tight my pussy gets from the strong contractions of the orgasm and how good it would feel to be squeezed by her.

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

Multiple Forced Orgasms …

January 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Holy Cow! it’s been a long time since I have written in my blog! Wooh! Time is slipping away from me.

It’s been really crazy around our new place lately. We had a “new” wood burning oven installed in the downstairs office which took longer than planned. Hah! That is really what I kind of expected secretly when the artist told us it would only take 2 days – I thought, Sure, Yeah, whatever. … It took 5. But, it messed up our hallway and all the things I had so loving placed on the shelves because we had to gently rip open the chimney. Black soot everywhere is not nice and takes a long time to clean up. I did not expect that.

And our young kitty cats that we inherited with the new place are getting more and more less wild in the last weeks. All 4 are adjusting in their own ways and  in sweet time. We have made plans to take them all at once over to the vet to get neutered on this coming Monday. Wish us lots of luck in catching them and transporting them. Something tells me that I don’t think Monday is going to be fun …

And tomorrow is a very special day for Uwe and I. What couple do you know opens up on the same day 2 companies ?! That’s right! Tomorrow we will open up officially our new German companies. Thats a big ass deal.

On a different note – A kinky note: We have had some serious playtime recently outside in the snow. I don’t know if you saw it on my Alterpic website but Uwe had me dress up in layers of tight and shiny latex, wearing a new red rubber head harness and ball gagged with bondage chains all over my body and then ordered me out in minus 6.5 Celsius degrees to shovel the snow! But the nice part was he gave me permission to insert a vibrator called “We Vibe” up into my pussy which kept my mind a little tiny bit occupied … But it was SOOOO cold. I mean – That’s just insane! It’s too extreme! It’s freezing cold out there! Huh? He did not care ….

Slavegirl Anna Rose - Shovel the Snow

Slavegirl Anna Rose - Shovel the Snow

And to let you know about the update on coming tomorrow (Jan 29) .. it is a very intense video and pics of me together with Miss Amarantha Le Blanche from The Netherlands. It is packed full of sexy latex and forced orgasms. When I was editing this movie for the Members I actually lost count how many times I had been forced to orgasm by her! And the really cool thing was seeing Amarantha totally enjoy herself the whole damn time. She loved to dominate me! It is so obvious in her expressions and the way she has her fun – Just eventually becoming down right sadistic and torturing me with the Hitachi Magic Wand…. You just have to see this movie and you’ll understand what I am talking about! 😉

Miss Amarantha and Anna Rose

Miss Amarantha and Anna Rose

So, I would like to wish everyone a fantastic weekend coming up and lots of light and love. Next weekend we are thinking about going to the Kitty Kat Club in Munich (Feb. 5th, 2010) – Maybe we will see you there?> It’s always fun to meet like minded couples! 🙂


Anna Rose

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