Cynth Icorn models for Alterpic

September 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Recently I hired the lovely lady Cynth Icorn from the UK to model for my website In two days of photo/video shooting we made such great material that I want to share some of it with you right now. One of the sets which I will show you now is already online Alterpic since 2 weeks. The story goes like this: I am the Nurse and Cynth is my patient ..  She’s already wearing a heavy rubber straitjacket and waiting for me in The Padded Cell. I enter the room and strap her into the bondage jacket and begin to process her arrival by shaving her head bald. Next, I help her wash up by dunking her head into a large bucket full of cold water. That really gets her attention! Next, I lace her head into a serious rubber hood and chain her down to the mattress on the floor. Attach a spreader bar and ankle cuffs to her ballet heels and have my ways with her. This was fun!

Some News from Alterpic – Updates

March 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

29 minutes Video + 84 Photos – March 19, 2010
Gord and Lydia McLane had their fun with me and put me to the edge with electricity play. I had to insert my big PES electric dildo into my pussy and Lydia put my big electricity pads on my butt. All of them were then connected to some very powerful tens units. In the beginning it was my job to blow on a dildo in my mouth which controlled the electricity. You can easily see that when I didn’t do a good job on blowing the big prick in my mouth I got zapped. But after a while Lydia wanted to put me on fire. She unplugged the dildo from the control of the electricity and I got zapped really good. You will see that I was hit so hard that I even didn’t figure out that it didn’t matter what I did with the dildo. Lydia and Gord enjoyed it so much to put the electricity higher and higher even if I asked for mercy. They know me so well and what I can endure. Watch this video and get turned on seeing what you could do to me.

Blow Job Training with Electricity

Anna Rose - Blow Job Training with Electricity


221 Photos – March 12, 2010
It was so humiliating to be caught in the men’s bathroom, placed in bondage and used. You’ll see my legs are spread wide apart using a T-spreader bar with a long black rubber dildo attached and inserted deep into my pussy. I’m ball gagged and put to work to clean the men’s urinal’s. Everytime I bed over to clean with the toilet brush gag I fuck myself. It makes me incredibly horny and yet it is so horrible to smell the urine and filth. After I clean the room I’m told to place myself next to the pissoir to be gagged again – now mouth wide open for using. Check out, how I am made to suck cock in full detail!

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose

Toilet Slave - Anna Rose


17 minutes Video + 61 Photos – March 5, 2010
I love it when Master plays with me and I love it even more when Master puts a gasmask on my face, fixes me in tight latex and makes me come like you wouldn’t believe. I enjoy it totally being under his control and not being able to stop the powerful vibration on my clit that drives me crazy. The gasmask is a total aphrodisiac. The more I get turned on the harder it gets for me to breathe which slows me down and drives me crazy because all I want to do is to come and when I finally get over it I am coming so hard like you wouldn’t believe. Watch me having two strong orgasms and imagine how tight my pussy gets from the strong contractions of the orgasm and how good it would feel to be squeezed by her.

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

March 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

What? It is March already?! Wowow! Time is flying! I have been “nesting” in my new home and having new adventures every day. Some fun and others not fine at all. But, that’s life! I am a tough chic, and you all know that! Just look at what the House of Gord did to me in the update from early February on my website Hanging by my ankles! upside down from Gord’s truck and travelling up to speeds of ? I don’t exactly know but it felt to me fast enough 😉 Oh, I forgot almost to mention the electricity probe buried deep into my pussy and the electro stim pads on my ankles and ass. Wild stuff!

Anna Rose and Gord

Anna Rose and The House of Gord

Click here for the free MOV Video Trailer.

And I also posted one week later an incredible jail cell fantasy photo gallery on my site. It shows me in a latex red catsuit that was custom made for me and a latex HW Design mask. Handcuffed to the large jail cell to await my orders .. Here’s a picture taken just before I was handcuffed. If you want to see all the details you can click here.

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

Anna Rose at MedicalToys in a Rigid Cuff Jail Cell

The next set published was photos and video of me wearing a rather sexy latex outfit and thigh high ballet boots, sitting on my fuckmachine having some naughty fun. I had too much fun! 🙂 You can watch how my Master put me into a straitjacket and hooded me with a brand new pig hood. It had one tiny hole to allow me to breath and when I did inhale and exhale it moved the snout in and out – it really looks like a little piggy… and thats what Master said I was that day.

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

"Little Piggy" Anna Rose

And today I updated the site with a very HOT gas mask session. I was wearing my transparent latex straitjacket and forced to orgasm by the thick bondage belt around my waist which held firmly in place against my pussy a very powerful vibrator called the Hitachi Magic Wand. Ahem… Ladies, if you don’t have one of these and you want to have some intense orgasms like never before? Go out and buy yourself one. Your welcome.

GasMask Orgasms

Anna Rose - GasMask Orgasms

So, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and has a super weekend!


Anna Rose Party Pics of Anna Rose

November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

Opps! the update below was posted on time but this blog is a little bit late! Sorry! Im so busy right now with the big move that I have totally neglected to write in my blog. Here is the write up for the update that was put online November, 6, 2009:

“Dressed in my red latex catsuit, I’m ready for the kinky party at the clinic! Sitting in the gynecological chair my ass was penetrated by a P.E.S. acrylic electricity plug. My tits were also wired up with electricity … Later on that night I changed into my tight fitting latex straitjacket and rubber pussy face and was locked inside a Rigid Cuff jail cell. …”

– Here are some small samples taken from inside the Members Area –

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

Medical Toys Clinic Party Pics of Anna Rose

and now for some personal news from me ->

Moving from The Netherlands to Bavaria has been extremely stressful in so many ways but thankfully I have the best partner who is caring, loving and has a sense of humor to turn even the shittiest day into a good one . Thank You, Uwe, for being my best friend and love. You are My Love.

Unpacking 180 boxes (give or take) is time-consuming. I didn’t know we owned that much. But on the other hand it has been kinda fun putting away the plates, bowls and glasses in my new kitchen. Filling up the new cupboards up has been real nice…

And there have been problems or I guess maybe I should say challenges. Like finding out the floors were damaged underneath the carpets, no hot water in the main part of the house for the first 5 nights, no central heat – only wood burning ovens (and I never had used one before) … no kitchen at all (got our Smeg oven now installed but it is not hooked up yet so I’m using the microwave and seriously considering to use the wood burning oven top – if it weren’t so dirty and rusty I just might have already used it …), no fridge (have one now but there is a repair man coming tomorrow to fix it) and more crappy surprises along the way ….

I tried my best to prepare for the big move by making galleries ready and editing videos and uploading them to the server … and so far have not missed to post an update yet. I hope I continue to be a good girl 😉

Since we have moved here I have learned how to light and keep a wood burning oven and how to speak a tiny bit German. By the way, I love the German bread and pretzels.

We inherited 6 cats when we bought the farm. They are very cute. Still living outside but they might change their minds when it begins to snow. I guess I better go to the pet store and buy a kitty litter box …. or two.

The idea for our next shoot will be here in the indoor pony track for KinkyPonygirl and I cant wait to do that! You can see a picture of the grand room here at my ponygirl blog. The next session for Alterpic will be me in our new medical room. I have to keep it a secret but can tell you it will include an awesome latex breathplay hood!

Anyways, thats all from me for now. Hope you all have a great week! Feel free to leave me a comment !


Anna Rose

Nose Chain Tease

October 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

The time is long overdue for my septum piercing to be in use. A lot of non kink friends have joked about my husband leading me around the house by a leash attached to my nose ring … they don’t  know its true! Of course he uses my nose ring and that is not enough for him. To make it really difficult for me to get away I had to wear my transparent latex straitjacket. He loves tight latex on me but also he loves being able to see right thru to my sexy body. My nose ring was connected with a long gold chain to the wall and I was forced to stay in my high heels for his pleasure. Then you can see me on the big bed and watch how I touch myself thru the latex and open my crotch zipper to tease you.

Anna Rose with a gold leash on her nose ring

Anna Rose with a gold leash on her nose ring

Click here to visit the website to see the pics.

After 13 years … This is the last weekend I will stay in the Netherlands. Monday the movers will arrive to pack us up. They say it will take about 2 days to do all the packing. It is for us an 11 hours drive (and we drive fast on the autobahn) to our new farm home in Southern Germany … I guess for the movers it will take longer. lol! I suspect that they will arrive in Bavaria to unload on the 29th of October. I’m so very excited to move and can’t wait to get settled in and start a new chapter in the life book of Anna Rose 😉

Enjoy the weekend!

xoxox, Anna Rose

Two Girls in a straitjacket Part 2

March 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

2 girls in a Straightjacket are: Anna Rose and Pupett. It is such a funny candid behind-the-scenes video clip! A small video clip for straightjacket fans!

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