Wrapped Up Tight

October 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

This has got to be one of the most easiest videos for me to edit in a long time. Why? Because the video filming by my husband, Uwe Rose, is so great! 🙂 He caught a lot of the interesting behind the scenes footage and also all the very important installation all the way to the suspension and beyond. Simply wonderful! Thank You Master! I know it was not easy running so fast to make photos and then trying to juggle the camera for the video camera. We all know Gord does not pose and asking him to slow it down a bit is just ain’t gonna happen.

Master – It must be odd though watching me, your wife and slavegirl, get put into an tight fitting leather arm sleeve, severely ball gagged and then wrapped until her body is totally covered in cling film. Then hoisted up above the ground about 15 feet.

I can tell you it was a totally awesome experience for me! Good thing I’m not afraid of heights ;-). What I guess would have made this even more fun is if some electricity was inside of me to stimulate my sexy parts. It was all so very intense that maybe the electrics would have been an over kill (I’m well known for doing that) …

Anna Rose and Gord - "Chic Wrap - House Ornament"

Anna Rose and Gord - "Chic Wrap - House Ornament"

This weeks update (set to be released Friday October 16, 2009) is the entire 151 high quality photos and the 12 minutes video. I wish you much pleasure and have a super weekend! And be sure to see the video because its so much fun to watch. I especially loved it when Johnny Smokes joked around with me. You love listening to it all, I’m sure. And on a serious note: All of this stuff we are doing is tested and tested again. It may look easy to do but it isn’t. Do not attempt to do any of this yourself. Okay, now have fun!


Anna Rose

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